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Larissa F5J Meeting

by Αερολέσχη Λάρισας 15 Σεπτεμβρίου 2018

F5J Meeting is a celebration of the aviation spirit that started from Thessaly and the city of Larissa.

It begun with initiative between friends and members of different clubs with the aim of highlighting the aeromodelling culture and at the same time the promotion of the region as a tourist destination The purpose of the event is the exchange ideas, creation of relationships and links with other pilots having the opportunity to compete with the top glider pilots of F5J.

The meeting is organized for second year and pilots have been invited for all over the world as well as from Greece too and will be hosted for 4 days, ( 4th to 7th October ) in the city of Larissa .

During their stay, through a series of events at Terpsithea’s airport and trips to areas of beauty and history of Thessalian region, they will be initiated into the aeromodelling and airsport’s culture of Thessaly as well as to the culture of hospitality.


The Guests
Larissa F5J Meeting has hosted some of the best glider pilots with distinctions at European and world level
For this year’s event which aspires to be recognized as International statute, have been invited top pilots from Italy, Germany, Slovenia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Romania, Ukraine, USA, Greece and finally a gliders legend Joe Wurtz from New Zealand.


Program’s Structure

During at F5J Meeting from 4th to 7th October 2018 the guest’s andl his partner (wife’s or couples ) from all countries will be touring in Larissa and selected places of Thessaly’s Region They will be practice and compete at Terphithea’s airport with it’s demanding fly field area. Greek’s and visiting guests will deliver seminar’s to improve their abilities.

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